We have a complete vehicle anchoring system for virtually every Frame Machine on the market
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KMV 230
30 Ton Truck Pull Post

KMV 2000 Series Large Truck
Multi-Power Pull Posts
5 / 10 TON

Available in 3 different Heights

All the same features as our Standard Multi Power Pull Post
and more

Removable Chain Fork for 5 & 10 Ton Pulling
Flat 5 Sided Chain Pulley located in the Collar and Post Head
Supports Chain To Prevent Breaking
Safety Chain Fork Located on Top of Collar
Use to Safety Chain to Vehicle while Pulling
Featuring UNEQUALED 16" & 32" inches of Chain Travel

16" inches of Chain Travel in 10 Ton Speed
32" inches of Chain Travel in 5 Ton Speed

Spring Loaded  NO-SLIP Collar Adjusts Every 2" inches
Includes an attached Winch to raise and lower Collar
1/2" inch Plate on Front and Rear of Post for added
strength and Lifetime of use
Spring Loaded  EZ-GLIDE Wheels
Hydraulic Pump Tray
Pull as Low as 8" inches from the Floor
Hardened Steel Pins
Pull Chain with Large Slip Hook
for Easy Clamp Attachment

KMV 2010
10 ft. Pull Post
$ 6,800.00

KMV 2012
12' ft. Pull Post
$ 7,400.00

KMV 2014
14' ft. Pull Post
$ 7,900.00


Available in 3 different heights from 10' ft.  to  14' ft.
(  Height of post is measured to Pull Height  )
Our  Large Truck Multi Power Pull Post has all the same features as our Standard Pull Post and more!!

Removable Chain Fork for 5 & 10 ton Pulling

10 Ton speed / 16" inches of chain travel

5 Ton speed / 32" inches
of chain travel

5-Sided Chain Roller supports each link to help prevent breaking

Hand winch mounted on collar for easy adjustment
Safety Hook to chain post to work while pulling

Spring loaded solid
locking collar adjusts
every 2" inches




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