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The History Of KMV Equipment Company

KMV was started in 1970 in the garage of James Bedair, a body man in Irving Texas, as a side business to buy and sell vehicles.
By 1975 James had quit working as a body man and started selling Frame Straightening Equipment. During the next 6 years it became
clear the automotive industry was changing, automobiles took on a more Unibody construction.  Another problem that was becoming
increasingly clear was that the body technicians were having a problem holding these new vehicles on the floor while repairing the
damaged area.  Body shop owners needed a way for their technicians to repair the vehicle on the floor with their existing floor
equipment because the cost of a Drive-On and the expense of tying up a stall when a Drive-On is not in use were not cost effective.
So in 1981 KMV revolutionized the industry with the invention of the Chainless Anchoring System.  A revolutionary new way of
anchoring vehicles to the floor without using chains.  Within a year KMV had came out with a 10 ton Pull Post.  Today KMV is still
producing a complete line of Pulling and Holding equipment.  Our latest Inventions to help revolutionize the industry is the
KMV Floor Rack which gives a technician Drive-On capability without tying up a stall , and our newest product  the KMV
Frame Vise anchors Full Frame vehicles in a snap.  James Bedair having been a body man for 30 years and having a son who
was a body man for 27 years gives KMV a unique perspective when designing and inventing new equipment.  Also by having the
advantage of being body techs our selves we know what it takes to properly repair the vehicle without all the added extra
expense , and saving you money is one of our main goals.  We at KMV will always try to keep the price you pay as low as possible
by selling you only what you need.  So the next time you need to purchase Pulling or Holding equipment come to KMV and see how
easy purchasing equipment can be.

KMV Equipment Company is located in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area. We manufacture a complete line of
Frame Machines, Collision Repair and Auto Body Pulling & Holding Equipment. We are the original inventor of the
Chainless Anchoring Stands, the Rocker Vise, for Floor Systems. Floor Systems use less space than
Drive On Frame Machines by utilizing our Multi Power Pull Post, in floor Tie downs and Chainless Anchoring Stands.
Our other unique system is the KMV Floor Rack, with a height of only 2" inches tall it also allows a technician to do
the complete repair in his stall. It can handle any vehicle from Unibodys, Pickup's and even Limousines with no problem.

In addition to our floor systems we also offer a complete line of equipment to anchor full frame vehicles with
our KMV Frame Vise and other anchoring attachments with Adapters to fit virtually every Drive On and floor system on
the market. As well as a line of Large Truck & Trailer Multi Power Pull Posts that are available in a wide range of heights from
10' to 14' feet.

What ever your needs are we have
it all from Floor Stands, Frame Vises, Accessories, Complete Packages, Full Frame Anchoring Packages, Pull Posts,
Adapters, Floor Racks, and Drive On's as well as Hydraulics, Clamps, Chains and Tie Downs. Whether you have
a Body Shop, Collision Repair Center, or Truck & Trailer Repair Facility, you will want to invest your money in
the best equipment you can by purchasing the very best and most user friendly equipment on the market.



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